May Shows List

This is the shortest list we’ve ever had. Please send us your shows!

  • Tuesday, May 1st - Title Fight, A Day To Remember, Rise Against @ The Masquerade (Music Park)
  • Thursday, May 3rd - Kind of Like Spitting, Multiplexor, Jebediah Springfield, China Blue @ WonerRoot
  • Thursday, May 3rd - Bad Mammals, The Clap, Them Thangs, Wet Rainbow @ Star Bar
  • Friday, May 4th - Stockholm, DUI, Third Reason, Secret Band, The Piss Palace Lounge Trio @ WonderRoot
  • Friday, May 4th - No Children, Wymyns Prysyn, Cheap Art, Rose Cross, Rapturous Grief @ 911 Moreland
  • Saturday, May 5th - Weight of the World, Vices, Coastlines, Some Mistakes @ WonderRoot
  • Monday, May 7th - Tragedy, Bukkake Boys, In Ruins, Manic, God’s Balls @ 529
  • Tuesday, May 8th - Kind of Like Spitting, D-Flo, @kswickk, Cuddlebus @ The Black Lodge
  • Thursday, May 10th - Bukkake Boys, Ralph, Acid Freaks, Dino’s Boy, Resons @ Star Bar
  • Friday, May 18th - Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Karbomb @ The Masquerade (Heaven)
  • Friday, May 18th - HAWKS, The Sunglasses, Skin Jobs, Cheap Art, Others @ Star Bar
  • Monday, May 20th - Dead In The Dirt, Torch Runner, Bacchus @ The Garden
  • Wednesday, May 23rd - Hoax, Bukkake Boys, Sewn Leather, Know Your Rights, Manic @ WonderRoot
  • Saturday, May 25th - Maps & Atlases, The Big Sleep @ The Earl
  • Saturday, May 25th - The Wild, Others TBA @ WonderRoot
  • Saturday, May 26th - Bent Life, Another Mistake, Vices @ Suburbia Venue
  • Monday, May 28th - Negative Standards, Rapturous Grief, Others @ WonderRoot
  • Thursday, May 31st - D-Flo, Christian Perez, Silly Billy, Jesika @ Lang Carson Park
  • Saturday, June 2nd - Stockholm, Featherweight, Brother Hawk, The Disregardables @ WonderRoot
  • Sunday, June 3rd - Antpile, Nurture, Others @ WonderRoot

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